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Foods that promote good dental health

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Last week I explained that sugary foods feed the bacteria that cause tooth decay, so what foods should we eat to promote good dental health? Here’s a quick summary:

Foods high in fiber like veg and whole grain carbs found in brown bread/pasta/rice are the way to go.

High calcium containing foods like cheese and milk can help to fortify tooth enamel… in fact, consuming dairy after eating something sweet can neutralise an acid attack from damaging your teeth!

Even though fruit contains sugars like fructose, these types of naturally occurring sugars pose little threat to dental health and will not cause dental decay to occur. Whole fresh fruit is a great way to increase your vitamin intake and is a healthy sweet snack!

There exists somewhere, a parallel universe where chocolate, cakes and ice cream are good for your teeth… but until we discover inter-dimensional travel, stick to the advice above!

Next week I’ll be giving you the low down on acidic foods and hidden sugars … if you have any questions leave me a comment

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